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Extra Supports for Alarm Share APP

Alarm Share APP has speical service, user can remotely add alarm in second by a few lines' coding and spread the alarm to support team or customer right away. In parallel, we can build customized Alarm Share APP for you with your brand and your info

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Why Choose "Alarm Share APP"

"Alarm Share" APP is so powerful alarm tool, can create alarm for yourself, but also can help others to setup alarms remotely by a few clicks, moreover it has three different ring-modes to alert users: three different ringtones or music songs in a loop to ring, the alarm content can be text content, pictures, URL , and even online video or music etc.. user can choose his favourite song or voice as his ringtone, and set the picture to show up with his kids, lover or cartoon characters like Emiria

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Very Flexible

  • Support mobiles Android and iOS versions
  • Compatible with iPhones, iPad, Samsung, Xiaomi...
  • Android 5~ and iPhone 5~
  • Mutiple languages UI
  • Android 5~ and iPhone 5~
  • Efficient alarm update
  • Friendly UI

Alarm Share APP supports users in different languages English, Chinese, Spanish, Italian etc, most people of the world can read it.

Alarm Share APP is compatible for Android 5 / iPhone 5 and above versions, seamless alarm sync between iPhone and Android Mobile

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Seamless Connection

  • Short link connection when need
  • Quick data exchange
  • Registration is optional
  • Update huge number users in second.
  • Internet is not mandatory
  • Intelligent for special alarm issue like XIAOMI
  • Set alarms for yourself and others

Alarm Share APP has strong backend infrastucture at Cloud computing AWS, stable connectivity and strong systems to support our services, a very smart mechanism system to deal with million/second requests over the world.

All the alarms and reminders are being utlizied by the deep data head, to sort up, set layers, put in queues, spread out, so everyone with internet can get update from their partners wherever they are from.

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Friendly UI

  • Privacy Protection and Safty policy
  • Alarm rings same time around the users
  • Alarm sync between various mobiles and pads
  • Multiple languages support
  • Alarm info can be text,URL,picture, video, mp3 etc
  • Small but smart app functionalities
  • Continuous development and improvement

Alarm Share APP version one has been released Mar,2017, we keep developing and designing the app and hope to build the best tool in this area.

Alarm Share APP has friendly UI for all ages users, folks, friends, to help user to remind them the important info, also can help operations team to get right alerts for the any emergency, it can monitor online info like Share price change

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7x24 Support

  • Based on Cloud Computing network
  • APP and backend services open for the world area
  • Skilled tech support team
  • Strong systems to manage and monitor the service
  • Professional mechnaism for emergency
  • Toll-free service for calls

Strong services and stable app here, and very professional customer servce team and support team monitor our services 7x24, and we have toll-free call for users.

Alarm Share APP, we guarantee 99.9999% SLA...

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Our Products

Released on Google Play, Baidu/91/QQ/HiAPK et cetera APP stores (iOS version will be released very soon)... always have a product here to be suitable to you !


All can be RELIABLE !!! Alarm Share APP can help you for various requests!

Stable and powerful

Alarm Share APP backend system based on Cloud computing, and APP has passed through hundreds testings by different OS versions and mobiles

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Very Flexible

Compatible with Android 5.0~ and iOS 7.0~, supports most mobiles and tables/iPads.

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Latest Technologies

Native APP and Clould computing services with unique team members

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About Us

"Our faith : Grit is sticking with your future - day in, day out, not just for the week, not just for the month, but for years and working really hard to make that future a reality.."

Alarm Share APP, a sentient and intelligent APP we are working for ...

We are experienced skilled team from different industries: Software, Internet , Intelligence, Deepmind, Adversting, here we are trying to return more to society.

We are very creative team here , planning for more products, please keep an eye on us.

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Why we created this product, we hope to help more companies and users, to provide them the professional reminding service
3alerts provides services from AWS cloud computing system, stable and fast.
3alerts can serve the common people, to help them to remind family members, friends and key persons in seconds.

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