Frequently Asked Questions

We work hard everyday and try to provide the best products for users and customers around the world, welcome any question, advice from anyone of you.

Mar,2017, we just released "Alarm Share" APP (Android 5 and above) to Google Play, Baidu APP store, QQ APP Store and others like Xiaomi, Huawei, 91 et cetera, soon we will have iOS version which will support iOS 6~.
We have tested the APP with around 80 mobiles already, and from third party testing organizations, the test reports are all good. A few minitor issues happened due to several brands' revised Android OS, but we have developed the special solutions to cope with them, so far so good.
5 mins once update.In the future versions, it will have optional choices like every 1 min, 3mins, 5 mins, 10 mins ...
No so far, but not sure for the future.
APP (version 1), its UI, Hour-Minute and Workdays are "OR / ||" logic relationship, means for instance if you choose 9:00AM, Mar 18,2017, he selects Monday as the workdays, User local real time is 10:00AM, once submit the alarm, the alarm will ring right now, as the alarms is considering today has one expired alarm 9:00AM one, and moreover it has repeated alarms will be fired when every Monday 9:00AM.
This is the amazing strong ring mode. When an Alarm with priority one, when it is fired, will ring with this procedure: Level one, stop 5 mins, Level two, stop 5 mins, Level three, then repeat the loop three times in total if no termination. You can define the different favorite Ringtone for each level, and set different Volume and Vibrator modes to remind you gradually.
With APP version 1, you can create a group when create an alarm, once you have the new group, you can share its Group code to your friend and folks, then deliver it to them to add the group. Details please check more via "GUIDE"
Long tap on each one, you would find the feature to edit or delete them, but you can not edit group. For the shared Groups and Shared Alarms, you can not edit them because you are not their owner.
We have the feature to delete all shared alarms or own alarms, but you could use them only after you login and go to the "Account" page.. . . .
You can sync the alarms once you get login, will have more features on this in the future version. .
Go to soon) to find the interesting groups, and moreover you can create group and share to others for fun and something more.... remember nothing is impossible, new features are coming on in, please keep an eye on us.
"Alarm Share" APP can deal with this situation very well, wherever your friends, folks are, "Alarm Share" APP can identify where you are automaticly and change the timer to be local time automatically.
Yes, it is free currently for company user, but not very sure if the policy will be changed in the future.
The "Alarm Share" APP does not need to register in advance, so we do not know your mobile info, your bank account so nothing to be worried. For your alarm info, it is kind of encrypted when deliver the info to others, and in our server side, all expired alarms will be deleted very soon.