Click and View above slides, to know how to use the APP, a easy tool for your to create alarms for yourself or create alarms for others.

Alarm Share APP has had the Android version already, released on Mar, 2017, support Android 5.0 ~, will have iOS version soon to support Apple mobile 5~ and iPad 2~.
Alarm Share APP, the most powerful alarm tool! You can download it from Google Play, Apple Store, and other popular APP stores, also can download it directly here download page

Once get the APP Alarm Share installed, please make sure you have granted it enough permissions for notification, autorun when reboot, locked screen, battery utilization & protected apps et cetera, so as to make sure the app can be run all along and alarms can be rung on time properly.

As introdued , Alarm Share APP has the feature to let you share alarm with others, once user adds shared alarms, user's mobile need to be stay online all along to make sure its Alarm Share APP can receive new alarms through the internet

Alarm Share APP has the API service as well, this will help customer to get alerts by scan email, system warnings, backend system error, also help user to monitor the online information change like share price change, forecast, real alarms et cetera. If need API support, please contact us by email or call, Skype when the project beginning.

Call API to send alerts and ring users with APP

It is very important task to monitor system health and make sure SLA>99.99% etc for devops and operations team.

It is well known that Zabbix, Nagios are popular for system monitoring team in the international companies, and we have a few local ones as well, whatever the most important issue here is, it is really hard for system engineer to be remind and alerted when the emergency, because the emergency alerts are usually being covered up by hunderds of the common delivery solution like email, SMS and calls etc.

The steps of how to call APP's API:
1)Make sure you have installed the Alarm Share APP for your smart phone, and configure the favorite ringtones and mode in the setting UI.
2)Create an own group by creating a new alarm for Android APP; For iOS APP version, you can create a group directly.
3)Go to group list, and long tap on the Group so you can find the group code
4)Prepare the infomation for the alarm: text content for the alarm info; ring date and time in CRONTAB format : minute hour day month and workdays year,(for instance 40 7 8 4 1:1:1:1:1:1:1 2017 ), timezone info GMT format ( eg GMT +8 );the URL(;picture URL(eg;user UUID
5)BASE64 encode all the values of 4), if PHP you can use function of base64_encode
6)API CALL URL format:

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