SERVICE :: Test APP Online

Make sure you have installed the APP already and ensure it has internet now, otherwise, please view Download Page to install it.
Open the APP, from the menu, go to the page of "Shared Alarms" or "Group List", click the ICON at bottom to the Group Code then submit it, you should get update right now for its sveral historical alarms right now.

Here is the code : b43f0473-b7b0-49ab-9a1e-5582d59278fd3+alarms you can copy and paste it, or you could scan the QR Code from the Mobile directly.

Go to APP :: "Shared Alarm" to see if there are new alarms added just now, and long tap on the Group "testings" and its Alarms to avoid of unnecessary rings in the future.

You could reach the same through the APP :

Firstly create an Alarm and enable the switch "Share with others", then go to "Group List" page of the Menu, to share the Group Code to others, so they can add the Group Code as you did. So if new alarm is created under this group, will be updated to the group members very soon.

In parallel, you could create alarms with a few lines' coding very easily, please contact us for more info.

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